About me


Global citizen, Entrepreneur, Independent Researcher,

GNU Hacker: https://www.gnu.org/people/

W3C Invited Expert: https://www.w3.org/participate/invited-experts/list

Developer of GCC-Rust https://github.com/philberty/gccrs

Quora Top Writer on programming (2018)


Functional progrmming language VM for compact embedded system.



Lambda Compiler - a generic optimized compiler infrastructure based on CPS (Continuation Passing Style).


GNU Artanis: https://artanis.dev

The only product-level Web framework for Scheme programming language.

2013 Lisp-In-Summer-Project Awesome project award.

ICFP2016 Scheme workshop research paper: Multi-purpose web-framework design based on websockets over HTTP Gateway.

GNU XmlAT (Obsoleted and discontinued)

GNU Lua https://gitlab.com/NalaGinrut/guile-lua-rebirth

ICFP2019 Scheme workshop research paper: gLua: A modern Lua transpiler

Present slides.

Colt Blog Engine: https://gitlab.com/NalaGinrut/colt